Ocean Container

If you are also shipping household goods, both can be loaded into the same container. Typically, this would require a 40’ Container as a 20’ Container leaves little space for household goods.

Roll On, Roll Off

We recommend a service called “Roll On, Roll Off”. Automobiles are rolled directly onto a steamship and rolled off the steamship at the port of destination. You have the choice between picking the automobile up at destination port, or having us deliver the automobile to your destination address.

Car Carrier

We offer inland car carrier transportation in Germany and the USA.

General Rules

Below is a list of general rules for shipping an automobile.

  • Ownership – You must prove you own the vehicle with an original, lien free, automobile title.
  • Gas – Must be drained to ¼ tank, or less.
  • RO/RO – There should be no items inside the automobile.
  • Duty / Tax / Customs – Depending on your status, duty or tax may be applicable, or importation may be prohibited.
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